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Crown Villas Comfortable for Families & Larger Groups

Typical villa configuration: 3 Bedrooms each with King Size Beds, 3.5 Bath (Each Bedroom having its own private bathroom and shower), Air-Conditioned Bedrooms, Full Kitchen, Stocked Refrigerator with Soda / Beer & Water, Central Living Area, Cable Television, Telephone Service, Full Dining Room, Outdoor Deck and Patio, Outdoor Dining Table & Furniture, Outdoor Balcony, Private Pool, Private Yard with Gardens. The Entire Villa is yours for the week. NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS REQUIRED. This is your Private Villa Only.

Make Reservation

All guests must request their desired stays, 3 months in advance except for months Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., Nov., and Dec., where requests need to be made 6 months in advance.This because the accommodations are highly requested and must be ordered on time.

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  • Crown Villa 3 Bedroom sleeps 6 with comfort and 8 Max Occupancy
  • Crown Villa 4 Bedroom sleeps 8 with comfort and 10 Max Occupancy
  • Crown Villa 5 Bedroom sleeps 10 with comfort and 12 Max Occupancy
  • Crown Villa 6 Bedroom sleeps 12 with comfort and 15 Max Occupancy
  • Crown Villa 7 Bedroom sleeps 14 with comfort and 17 Max Occupancy

Price Per Night Per Person

  • 3 Bedroom Crown Villa per Night Per Person $165.00
  • 4 Bedroom Crown Villa per Night Per Person $165.00
  • 5 Bedroom Crown Villa per Night Per Person $165.00
  • 6 Bedroom Crown Villa per Night Per Person $165.00
  • 7 Bedroom Crown Villa per Night Per Person $165.00

All Inclusive Information

The cost for the All-inclusive is already added to the price you see on the screen,This fee covers food from All Guest areas, Restaurants, guest VIP Areas, Alcoholic Beverages at All-Guest areas (including from the Ice Disco Lounge) and FREE Cigars from the VIP Bars. Guests reserving a Villa accommodation also provided with a golf cart, when available. In addition, all Crown Villa guests are entitled to receive, International Drinks for the accommodation.